Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

2020 Confirmed Sponsors

We'll update the list as we get folks confirmed. Check back often!

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RPG is Lawrence's first board game gastropub. RPG stands for Restaurant, Pub & Games as we offer locally-sourced chef-prepared food, a full bar with custom cocktails, mead on tap, and we offer a library of over 1,000 board games.

» Website: https://rpglawrence.com

» Booth at Discord: #rpg-text

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Tabletop Game & Hobby

We specialize in non-electronic games, and carry a massive variety of board games, miniature games, role-playing games, classic games, gaming accessories, and more. After you’ve browsed our selection, stop by our game room. It is free to use, and it’s often host to weekly events and club meetings – including classes where you can learn to play and run games, or model and paint gaming accessories. Join us at the Table – we can’t wait to game with you!

» Website: https://tabletopgameandhobby.com

» Booth at Discord: #tabletop-game--hobby-text

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Tabletopia is a digital platform for board games. With Tabletopia, you can play popular board games with your friends online in an experience almost like gathering around a real table. Tabletopia will be playable on PCs and tablets. Game creators and publishers could easily bring their games in digital realm. And everyone can create and test his own board games in Tabletopia. You'll love: over 1000 games to play for free; play with friends or anyone in the world; and unlimited possibilities for Premium users. Use on the web, mobile, or Steam.

» Website: https://tabletopia.com

» Booth at Discord: #tabletopia-text

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Level One Game Shop

One of the biggest game stores in Greater Kansas City, located in City Market. Specializing in hobby board games, TCGs, miniature wargames, and 'nerd chic' lifestyle gear. Level One also hosts Level Up events, which are pop-up board game night at local restaurants and bars. Our board game specialist will teach you how to play and pair up people while you enjoy delicious food and drinks.

» Website: https://levelonegameshop.com

» Booth at Discord: #level-one-game-shop-text

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Dorky Dino

Super thanks to Dorky Dino for putting our Art Auction and Contest together and also for running our Paint and Take this year! Dorky Dino is a shop run by artist Brandi Miller. Brandi designs cute creatures and then hand makes them into various products including charms, keychains, jewelry, dice bags, and patches. She also does original paintings and other fine arts. The main themes in Dorky Dino are all things cute and colorful, as well as references to geekery and pop culture. Many of her creations are inspired by tabletop gaming.

» Website: https://dorkydino.com

» Booth at Discord: #dorky-dino-text

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DragonClaw ChainMaille

Making things with rings... Dragonclaw Chainmail is a collection of handcrafted jewelry with a inspiration drawn from pop culture references. Our products include (but not limited to) dicebags, keychains, hand dragons, bracelets, necklaces, charms, pokeballs, armor, and chainmaille inlays. Custom orders are always welcome, turn your idea into a reality with chainmail.

» Website: https://dragonclawchainmaille.com/

» Booth at Discord: #dragonclaw-chainmaille-text

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Gooey Cube

The driving motivation behind our work here at Gooey Cube is to create engaging adventures based in an expansive world with a rich history that comes alive every time it’s played. We seek to help GMs craft epic tales that are compelling for players, and entertaining for the Game Master. Through masterful art in various styles, a dedication to story, and proofed GM strategies, we believe that every game run in Zyathé has the potential to become part of an unforgettable campaign! https://youtu.be/vO4ohITrf3w

» Website: https://gooeycube.com

» Booth at Discord: #gooey-cube-text

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Pops & Bejou Games

Pops & Bejou Games is a new board game company based out of the other Windy City, Fargo, ND. In early 2021, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign for our pattern-building game, Cultivate, in which you play as a cult leader looking to recruit followers, fulfill your agenda, and defeat rival cult leaders! Please visit our website to learn more about us and our game, as well as subscribe to our newsletter to get important updates and announcements!

» Website: http://www.popsbejou.com

» Booth at Discord: #pops--bejou-games-text

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AAW Games is a tabletop game publishing company producing gaming products compatible with 5th Edition, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Savage Worlds. We run Kickstarters, make cool stuff for Fantasy Grounds, and a lot more. Adventureaweek.com is AAW Games’ core product, an award-winning subscription website that provides a steady stream of adventures and tabletop roleplaying products for D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Savage Worlds. Great value, so check it out!

» Website: https://adventureaweek.com/

» Booth at Discord: #adventure-a-week-text

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Dice Geeks

A blog and resource collection with GM tips and random tables for tabletop RPGs like D&D, Pathfinder, and more. We create RPGs and role-playing game resources. Come get some great free stuff!

» Website: https://www.dicegeeks.com/

» Booth at Discord: #dice-geeks-text

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DNDElise is a published game designer and creates D&D 5e supplements on the DM's Guild and Drive Thru RPG. She also hosts annual events to raise money for charity such as #WomeninGaming month. She is on Twitter and Facebook @DNDElise. Her upcoming release, Through the Veil: Tales of the Feywild, will be releasing on the DM's Guild soon in print and PDF. Check out links to her work: DM's Guild (https://bit.ly/2Jw2G6J) and DriveThruRPG (https://bit.ly/2xZFbj4).

» Website: https://bit.ly/2Jw2G6J

» Booth at Discord: #dndelise-text

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Total Party Kill Games

We publish thrilling dark fantasy adventures, rules and spell cards for tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons! TPK is an independent games studio licensed to create Pathfinder OGL products. We also carry everything you need to run a successful pen & paper roleplaying game! We travel the Midwest promoting role-playing games, Pathfinder and of course, our own adventures and sourcebooks.

» Website: https://www.totalpartykill.games/

» Booth at Discord: #total-party-kill-games-text

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Wizco Games

WizCo Games develops role-playing game content for conventions and virtual tabletop gaming applications like Foundry VTT, Fantasy Grounds, and Roll20. Look for our games at your favorite Con! Support our Patreon for cool monthly benefits!

» Website: https://www.wizco.games/

» Booth at Discord: #wizco-games-text

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Ad Astra Games

“Flight simulators for people with slow eyesight and bad reflexes.” Our games are 3D space and air combat games. In addition to our games we've got miniatures and hex maps for all kinds of space games! And we host online games at our bespoke browser-based Virtual Map:https://ascbi.net

» Website: https://www.adastragames.com

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Verge Games

We are a couple of avid gamers, both tabletop and video. We have an active DnD group night every other Friday. And we can’t, of course, remember how many hours of video gaming we’ve done. We started Verge Games because we want to bring YOU more of that same stuff we love. Our first game is A Christmas Carol Adventure... a 5e one-shot adventure for 5th to 7th level following Charles Dickens’s classic tale: A Christmas Carol.

» Website: https://vergeboardgames.com

Events For Gamers

Events for Gamers is a game industry event calendar and resource for conferences and conventions from around the world. Events include GDC, SIGGRAPH, Casual Connect, GamesBeat, E3 Expo, PAX, Comic-Con, Computex, and hundreds of others.

» Website: https://www.eventsforgamers.com/


Special thanks to our friends at Tabletop.Events, the fantastic new convention management tool. Tabletop.Events helps conventions like Midwest Game Fest run more smoothly. It saves convention organizers hundreds of hours by automating mundane tasks, and puts power in the hands of attendees and exhibitors to buy badges and tickets, submit events, and run booths. Make sure the next con you attend or run has the power of Tabletop.Events behind it. Share the love and check them out! https://tabletop.events/

» Website: https://tabletop.events/