Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

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While our Fall in-person event is hosted in Kansas City, our Spring online event is hosted via Discord, a free text, audio, and video service. Discord is a web-based service that also has great desktop and mobile apps. You don't need anything more than the cell phone, tablet, or web browser you're using right now. There's nothing to download or hook up, but a mic and headset would be great.

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Tabletopia is a digital platform for board games. With Tabletopia, you can play popular board games with your friends online in an experience almost like gathering around a real table. Tabletopia will be playable on PCs and tablets. Game creators and publishers could easily bring their games in digital realm. And everyone can create and test his own board games in Tabletopia.

  • Over 1000 games to play for free
  • Play with friends or anyone in the world
  • Unlimited possibilities for Premium users
  • Use on the web, mobile, or Steam.

FREE During Midwest GameFest

Enjoy Tabletopia FREE during Midwest GameFest with the code provided with your badge. Watch for a message on Discord and via email with the code! Didn't get one? Ask a Discord mod for assistance or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

» Website: https://tabletopia.com

» Booth at Discord: #tabletopia-text

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Crypt Monkey Studios

Crypt Monkey Studios is a creator of role-playing games and primer games that are wrapped in themes of dark fantasy, horror, science fiction, and comedy. We create games that are intuitive and easy to play but dynamic enough to allow for individual strategies and playstyles. We think the fun should be in playing the game, not searching online for every phase, move, or action you want to take!

Don't miss our Saturday 2pm special event Crypt Monkey Paints live on Twitch.

» Website: https://www.cryptmonkeygames.com/

» Booth at Discord: #crypt-monkey-studios-text

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Assam Teas

Assam Teas offers curated luxury teas and tisanes. All naturals teas, all natural flavors. Each tea purchase comes with organically and ethically grown loose leaf tea, carefully blended to create the perfect cup.

» Website: https://assamteas.shop

» Booth at Discord: #assam-teas-text

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Coventry Decor

Barware for the grown-up geek. Hand-etched pint glasses, shots, and coasters, hand-engraved bottle openers, vinyl decals, magnets, and ceramic ornaments. Visit us online at http://coventrydecor.com!

» Website: https://coventrydecor.com

» Booth at Discord: #coventry-decor-text

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Dice Don’t Die

Dice Don’t Die is a Pathfinder 2e Discussion Podcast. Join Beth, Chad, Sara, and David for Deep Dives into classes, rules, monsters, and more! Join them for everything Pathfinder 2e.

If you like what they do, visit them on:

  • RedCircle: https://redcircle.com/shows/dice-dont-die
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DiceDontDie
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiceDontDie
  • Instagram: https://instagram.com/DiceDontDie
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

» Website: https://redcircle.com/shows/dice-dont-die

» Booth at Discord: #dice-dont-die-text

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Dice Geeks

Dice Geeks offers tabletop role-playing game resources, terrain guides, random tables, and campaign settings for D&D, Pathfinder, and more! Visit our site for a great selection of free and for-purchase aids from our products to our podcast and ENnie-nominated blog! https://www.dicegeeks.com

» Website: https://www.dicegeeks.com/

» Booth at Discord: #dice-geeks-text

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Elise Cretel is an Ennie nominated writer for the DM’s Guild and DriveThruRPG. She is the project lead of the #ThroughTheVeil Feywild series (D&D5e) and #Tartarus. She is a contributing author of best sellers such as Uncaged, Blackstaff’s Book of Bloodlines, and The Great Dale Campaign Guide. She is also published on HitRecord and a contributor to the Emmy winning Create Together series. Find her on Twitter @DNDElise.

» Website: http://www.dmsguild.com/browse.php?author=Elise%20Cretel

» Booth at Discord: #dndelise-text

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Dorky Dino

Super thanks to Dorky Dino for putting our Art Auction and Contest together and also for running our Paint and Take this year! Dorky Dino is a shop run by artist Brandi Miller. Brandi designs cute creatures and then hand makes them into various products including charms, keychains, jewelry, dice bags, and patches. She also does original paintings and other fine arts. The main themes in Dorky Dino are all things cute and colorful, as well as references to geekery and pop culture. Many of her creations are inspired by tabletop gaming.

» Website: https://dorkydino.com

» Booth at Discord: #dorky-dino-text

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Dragonclaw Chainmaille

Making Things with Rings! Dragonclaw Chainmail is a collection of handcrafted jewelry with a inspiration drawn from pop culture references. Our products include (but not limited to) dicebags, keychains, hand dragons, bracelets, necklaces, charms, pokeballs, armor, and chainmaille inlays. Custom orders are always welcome, turn your idea into a reality with chainmail.

» Website: https://dragonclawchainmaille.com/

» Booth at Discord: #dragonclaw-chaimmaille-text

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KantCon is a family-friendly non-profit convention for tabletop hobby gamers in July in the Kansas City area, started in 2009. KantCon organizers work with gaming companies like Wizards of the Coast, Rio Grande Games, Envoy and other companies to generate the thousands of dollars in prizes handed out over the years, and this support continues for KantCon 2022!

» Website: https://www.kantcon.com

» Booth at Discord: #kantcon-text

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Level One Game Shop

One of the biggest game stores in Greater Kansas City, located in City Market. Specializing in hobby board games, TCGs, miniature wargames, and "nerd chic" lifestyle gear. Level One also hosts Level Up events, which are pop-up board game night at local restaurants and bars. Our board game specialist will teach you how to play and pair up people while you enjoy delicious food and drinks.

» Website: https://levelonegameshop.com

» Booth at Discord: #level-one-game-shop-text

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Meeple-a-thon KC is a once-a-year, family-friendly, board game marathon benefitting Hillcrest Platte County's Young Adult Housing program. For 2022 we've decided to make some changes and expand our event to be the most it can be - we'll be opening on Friday September 30th, and our event will run during normal convention hours, until Sunday October 2nd. Come help us give a hand up to the homeless, and participate in a huge range of activities, such RPGs, board games, card games, miniature painting, or one of our incredible events like our annual charity raffle!

» Website: https://meepleathon.com

» Booth at Discord: #meeple-a-thon-text

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Parlor, LLC

Parlor is a small team of people who want to help you create fantastic stories. We are dedicated to building roleplaying games that give you a safe space to challenge your creativity, engage your friends, and bring your imagination to life. Life is often dominated by chores, spreadsheets, long emails, and uncomfortable conversations. In-between all that, we'd like to add a little bit of adventure. Check out Tephra: the Steampunk RPG -- an award-winning revolutionary D12-based steampunk fantasy RPG! Or come test out our newest endeavor, a jazzy post-apocalyptic RPG with reality-bending technologies: Retroscape! https://www.parlorgaming.com

» Website: https://parlorgaming.com

» Booth at Discord: #parlor-gaming-text

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TsunamiCon is Wichita's premiere tabletop gaming convention, presenting a variety of gaming opportunities and related geekery right here in America's heartland. Attendees can enjoy a number of fun and exciting events throughout the weekend, including a variety of tabletop games and RPGs, featured events, demos, special guests, organized play, live entertainment, panels, contests and giveaways, and more! All under the umbrella of the Tsunami Tabletop Community. Don't miss our flagship podcast, Metagamers Anonymous, at: https://prismatictsunami.com

» Website: https://www.tsunamicon.org

» Booth at Discord: #tsunamicon-text

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Verge Games

Quality, one shot adventure modules for new or experienced DMs playing 5e Dungeons and Dragons. Looking for a new adventure module to try with your group? We’ve got an adventure for you! Have an event coming up - bachelor party, birthday, family reunion, whatever? We’ve got a DM who loves to lead adventurers through a one shot! Check out our DM for Hire packages to learn more. Check out our one shot modules, themed dice, and digital and printed minis.

» Website: https://vergeboardgames.com

» Booth at Discord: #verge-games-text

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Beadle & Grimm's

We Make Stuff. And by stuff, we mean Maps, Handouts, Artifacts, bonus encounters, and a lot more, and then cram that stuff in boxes. Which we sell, and which you use to make your games more epic, more real, and just more fun. Which, after all, is why we play the games in the first place. Adventure awaits at: https://www.beadleandgrimms.com

» Website: https://www.beadleandgrimms.com

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Moonlight Maps

Greetings world builder! Looking for the best TTRPG maps for your campaign? Moonlight Maps paints unique atmospheric hand-drawn battle maps for Dungeons and Dragons (and other TTRPGs), ready for you to bring your campaign to life! Want new maps for your next dnd adventure? Patrons get new map packs (VTT and print quality), encounters, pre-built FoundryVTT packs with walls, animated ambient lighting, and dynamic sounds, every week! As well as access to a huge archive of hundreds of dnd maps! Join a community of over 800 patrons and enhance your game today at https://www.moonlight-maps.com!

» Website: https://www.moonlight-maps.com

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Noble Knight Games

Complete Your Quest at Noble Knight Games! We specialize in Board Games, RPGs, War Games, Card Games, Collectibles & more. We offer both new, lightly loved, and out of print, hard to find games. Our full inventory ships worldwide! Visit us at https://www.nobleknight.com

» Website: https://www.nobleknight.com

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AAW Games

AAW Games is a tabletop game publishing company producing gaming products compatible with 5th Edition, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Savage Worlds. We run Kickstarters, make cool stuff for Fantasy Grounds, and a lot more. Adventureaweek.com is AAW Games’ core product, an award-winning subscription website that provides a steady stream of adventures and tabletop roleplaying products for D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Savage Worlds. Great value, so check it out at https://adventureaweek.com!

» Website: https://adventureaweek.com/

Friends of Midwest GameFest

Events For Gamers

Events for Gamers is a game industry event calendar and resource for conferences and conventions from around the world. Events include GDC, SIGGRAPH, Casual Connect, GamesBeat, E3 Expo, PAX, Comic-Con, Computex, and hundreds of others.Check us out at https://www.eventsforgamers.com!

» Website: https://www.eventsforgamers.com/

Friends of Midwest GameFest


Special thanks to our friends at Tabletop.Events, the fantastic new convention management tool. Tabletop.Events helps conventions like Midwest GameFest Online run more smoothly. It saves convention organizers hundreds of hours by automating mundane tasks, and puts power in the hands of attendees and exhibitors to buy badges and tickets, submit events, and run booths. Make sure the next con you attend or run has the power of Tabletop.Events behind it. Share the love and check them out! https://tabletop.events/

» Website: https://tabletop.events