Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

2023 Sponsors

We'll update the list as we get folks confirmed. Check back often!

Online Convention Space

While our Spring in-person event is hosted in Kansas City, our Fall online event is hosted via Discord, a free text, audio, and video service. Discord is a web-based service that also has great desktop and mobile apps. You don't need anything more than the cell phone, tablet, or web browser you're using right now. There's nothing to download or hook up, but a mic and headset would be great.

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Dorky Dino

Super thanks to Dorky Dino for putting our Art Auction and Contest together! Dorky Dino is a shop run by artist Brandi Miller. Brandi designs cute creatures and then hand makes them into various products including charms, keychains, jewelry, dice bags, and patches. She also does original paintings and other fine arts. The main themes in Dorky Dino are all things cute and colorful, as well as references to geekery and pop culture. Many of her creations are inspired by tabletop gaming.

» Website: https://dorkydino.com

» Booth at Discord: #dorky-dino

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Level One Game Shop

Special thanks to Level One for their support of our Benefit Raffle for Harvesters! One of the biggest game stores in Greater Kansas City, located in City Market. Specializing in hobby board games, TCGs, TTRPGs, miniature games, and more. Whether you are an avid gamer or someone just looking to spice up a party, come in to Level One Game Shop and we’ll help you find the perfect games to provide endless entertainment for any day of the week. Our knowledgeable staff are available daily to help you learn how to play, we have daily events for popular games with our active community of gamers, and we’re conveniently located in the City Market of Downtown Kansas City. We are ready to help any time, so come check us out! https://discord.com/invite/GGaVUYZYVp

» Website: http://levelonegameshop.com

» Booth at Discord: #level-one-game-shop

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Elise Cretel is an Ennie nominated writer for the DM’s Guild and DriveThruRPG. She is the project lead of the #ThroughTheVeil Feywild series (D&D5e) and #Tartarus. She is a contributing author of best sellers such as Uncaged, Blackstaff’s Book of Bloodlines, and The Great Dale Campaign Guide. She is also published on HitRecord and a contributor to the Emmy winning Create Together series. Find her on Twitter @DNDElise.

» Website: https://www.dmsguild.com/browse.php?author=Elise%20Cretel

» Booth at Discord: #rpgelise

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Tabletop Game & Hobby

We specialize in non-electronic games, and carry a massive variety of board games, miniature games, role-playing games, classic games, gaming accessories, and more. After you’ve browsed our selection, stop by our game room. It is free to use, and it’s often host to weekly events and club meetings – including classes where you can learn to play and run games, or model and paint gaming accessories. Join us at the Table – we can’t wait to game with you!

» Website: https://tabletopgameandhobby.com

» Booth at Discord: #tabletop-game-and-hobby

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World of Game Design

A special shout out to Zac Goins of World of Game Design for bringing such great panels to Midwest GameFest ONline this year! WoGD is the publisher of Zweihander RPG and various 5e, Mork Borg, Mothership, and system-neutral products. WoGD also works alongside other publishers and creators to get their clients’ games produced, crowdfunded, and into the hands of thousands of gamers each year. Visit them at https://wogd.com.

» Website: https://store.wogd.com

» Booth at Discord: #world-of-game-design

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Assam Teas

Assam Teas offers curated luxury teas and tisanes. All naturals teas, all natural flavors. Each tea purchase comes with organically and ethically grown loose leaf tea, carefully blended to create the perfect cup. https://www.assamteas.shop

» Website: https://assamteas.shop

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Hello, my name is John and I am the founder of BiscuitTinRPG. I am lovingly called "an absolute monster," "Mr. Biscuits," "The Concierge of Curses," and a few other things by both other creators and my players. Here at BiscuitTinRPG we focus on role-play over crunch and I love a good solid role-play session over anything. When i create something I try to keep that in mind. So enjoy our 5e content and tell your friends. Find us online at https://ko-fi.com/biscuittinrpg.

» Website: https://ko-fi.com/biscuittinrpg

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Coventry Decor

Barware for the grown-up geek. Hand-etched pint glasses, shots, and coasters, hand-engraved bottle openers, vinyl decals, magnets, and ceramic ornaments. Visit us online at https://coventrydecor.com!

» Website: https://coventrydecor.com

» Booth at Discord: #coventry-decor

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Enigma Enterprises LLC

Enigma Enterprises is a shop owned by two siblings, Alex and Teddy, whose love for nerdy things like video games, rpgs, and cosplay knows no bounds. Between Alex's knowledge of 3D Printing and Teddy's eye for illustration, Enigma boasts a wide range of items such as wands, table top miniatures and prints. Feel free to check us out on etsy at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EnigmaEnterprisesLLC

» Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EnigmaEnterprisesLLC

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KantCon is a family-friendly non-profit convention for tabletop hobby gamers in July in the Kansas City area, started in 2009. KantCon organizers work with gaming companies like Wizards of the Coast, Rio Grande Games, Envoy and other companies to generate the thousands of dollars in prizes handed out over the years, and this support continues for KantCon 2022!

» Website: https://www.kantcon.com

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Meeple-a-thon KC is a once-a-year, family-friendly, board game marathon benefitting Hillcrest Platte County's Young Adult Housing program. Come help us give a hand up to the homeless, and participate in a huge range of activities, such RPGs, board games, card games, miniature painting, or one of our incredible events like our annual charity raffle!

» Website: https://meepleathon.com

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Nerdhaus Games

Nerdhaus Games is a creator-oriented tabletop game studio started in 2015 by Jamie Lindemann, currently based out of Kansas City, MO. Nerdhaus is developing games that strive for more than just mechanical excellence. Nerdhaus Games is going to bring whole worlds to life, providing digital support, expansions, and related material like comics and soundtracks to the table. A Nerdhaus Game is the first chapter to a story you’re invited to continue. Find Your Story

» Website: https://nerdhausgames.com/

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Prettiest Mess Studios

I specialize in nerdcentric gifts and tabletop gaming accessories with an emphasis on 3D printing, embroidery, and laser cut items.

» Website: https://www.facebook.com/PrettiestMessStudios

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SeWeird Galactic Accessories

SeWeird is your one stop cosmic shop with a full range of TTRPG peripherals. Hand-made resin dice, hand-dyed dice bags and trays, and immersive soy candles to level up your gaming sessions.

» Website: https://etsy.com/shop/SeWeirdGalactic

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TsunamiCon is Wichita's premiere tabletop gaming convention, presenting a variety of gaming opportunities and related geekery right here in America's heartland. Attendees can enjoy a number of fun and exciting events throughout the weekend, including a variety of tabletop games and RPGs, featured events, demos, special guests, organized play, live entertainment, panels, contests and giveaways, and more! All under the umbrella of the Tsunami Tabletop Community. Don't miss our flagship podcast, Metagamers Anonymous, at: https://prismatictsunami.com

» Website: https://www.tsunamicon.org

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AAW Games

AAW Games is a tabletop game publishing company producing gaming products compatible with 5th Edition, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Savage Worlds. We run Kickstarters, make cool stuff for Fantasy Grounds, and a lot more. Adventureaweek.com is AAW Games’ core product, an award-winning subscription website that provides a steady stream of adventures and tabletop roleplaying products for D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Savage Worlds. Great value, so check it out at https://adventureaweek.com!

» Website: https://adventureaweek.com/

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At TTRPGHQ, we empower the global tabletop role-playing community to explore infinite realms and experience unforgettable journeys. Enhancing both virtual and in-person gameplay, we enable gamers to bring their fantasies to life and shape extraordinary TTRPG narratives. Shop now at https://ttrpghq.com.

» Website: https://ttrpghq.com

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Total Party Kill Games

We are a Midwest fan-favorite publisher of gaming rulebooks and adventures for Dungeons & Dragons and other popular tabletop roleplaying and card games since 2010. We are also a retailer of an unparalleled selection of RPG dice and other unique accessories!

» Website: https://www.totalpartykill.games

Friends of Midwest GameFest

Events For Gamers

Events for Gamers is a game industry event calendar and resource for conferences and conventions from around the world. Events include GDC, SIGGRAPH, Casual Connect, GamesBeat, E3 Expo, PAX, Comic-Con, Computex, and hundreds of others.Check us out at https://www.eventsforgamers.com!

» Website: https://www.eventsforgamers.com/

Friends of Midwest GameFest


Special thanks to our friends at Tabletop.Events, the fantastic new convention management tool. Tabletop.Events helps conventions like Midwest GameFest Online run more smoothly. It saves convention organizers hundreds of hours by automating mundane tasks, and puts power in the hands of attendees and exhibitors to buy badges and tickets, submit events, and run booths. Make sure the next con you attend or run has the power of Tabletop.Events behind it. Share the love and check them out! https://tabletop.events/

» Website: https://tabletop.events