Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

Got a raffle ticket but aren't sure how to enter it in the raffle? Check out our Registration FAQ.

To remove yourself from an event that you have a ticket for, you need to refund/delete the ticket from your badge.

  1. View your badge.
  2. You'll see your name under My Badges.
  3. Click your badge and you'll see details about it, along with a list of tickets (events) attached to it.
  4. Click the Delete button next to the ticket/event you wish to remove.

So you've signed-up for game or other event but don't know where to go to participate?


Events like role-playing games and board games typically have a both a table (Discord channel) and a virtual tabletop (roll20 link, or other).

To join the Discord channel:

  1. First accept our invite.
  2. Second, fnd your event's description.
  3. Third, click thelink to the text and/or audio channels on the event's description.

To join the virtual tabletop:

  • If you are in the Discord channel at game time, just ask in the channel. Your GM or other players will help you. Try to be early.
  • If you are in the event's description page, click the "Message Hosts" button to send the GM a message. GM's should send a link to players before the game starts, but often this is overlooked.

Schedule Screenshot

Special Events

Special events are usually held in Discord in one of the Special Event channels.

To join the Discord channel:

  1. First accept our invite.
  2. Second, fnd your event's description.
  3. Third, click thelink to the text and/or audio channels on the event's description.

But they are often also streamed on Twitch. To join the Twitch stream:

  1. Find the event on our Streaming Schedule.
  2. Click the "Watch" button on the event.


  1. First, visit our Events page. Read the info, see the times, slots, etc.
  2. Click the Submit Events button, which takes you to the event site.
  3. You'll see a list of events you have submitted, and can submit new ones and copy existing ones.
  4. An account isn't required at this point, but is helpful.
  5. Give us the type of game, title, etc and submit it.
  6. We will approve, reject, or request changes and work with you on it.
  7. Once approved (most are approved as soon as we see them) we will slot it to a table.
  8. And then it will show up on the Event List for attendees.

So you've submitted an event to host at the online convention, and now the question is "what do I do now?"

The short answer is:

  1. Promote the event on social media, customers, friends, etc.
  2. Gather in the game's assigned Discord channel. Be at least a half hour early to help new folks.
  3. Distribute any needed links (VTT, software to download, etc.).

The longer answer is that it is always helpful to communicate to registered players in advance. You can do this either through the Tabletop.Events GM system (see below) or in your game's Discord channel. Exhibitor-run games have their own channel, for example, so post away!

To use the GM-to-player system built into Tabletop.Events (our event system) view the event's detail page in the schedule of games. Near the bottom is a button for GMs to message their attendees. This is great for folks who signed up early, but very helpful for folks who just walked up to your virtual table at the time the started.

If you indicated your required VTT in the event description, then players should know (should, but maybe don't) whether or not special software is needed to play the game (e.g. Tabletop Simulator). Help players navigate any downloads or purchases prior to game start time.

Tip: If you're an exhibitor, streaming a demo in your exhibitor voice/video channel can help here.

Absolutely not! In most cases you can learn the game when you sit down at the table. There may be some tournaments where more experience would be helpful. Demos will be available for some games, particularly board games.

To schedule role-playing events, we use a ticketing system for sign-ups. If you would like to run or “judge” an event at Midwest GameFest Online, please visit our Events page for details on discounts and to sign up to run an event.

» Host an Event

To play in an event, go to our Event Sign-up page and submit your event details. We'll process it and get it slotted to a Discord channel as soon as we can (this can take a week sometimes). The event system will list a Discord channel (e.g. like a table) number for the event. At the event’s starting time, report to the Discord channel listed. Please show up early to get any technical issues out of the way. Do not assume that you can get into an event simply because your name is on the list. The order of names on the list is the order of priority should there be more players than available space. Players who are pre-registered will have their names at the top of the list and get first priority.

» Sign-up to Play

Scheduled Board Game Events
Any board game on the event list will start at the scheduled time. Show up to the table 5-10 minutes before the start time and let a board game judge know that you want to play. To schedule and run a board game at Midwest GameFest ONline, please visit our Events page for details on discounts and to sign up to run an event.

Pick-up Board Games
Find a game you can play online at Tabletopia, or another online game platform (see our Online Game Resources page). In Discord, ask a moderator to announce that a game is starting at a certain time, in a certain channel. Other players may sign up. At the given time, select an open table and confirm its availability with con staff. The judges can also teach games and play along if an extra person is needed.

Go to the sign-up area and add your name to the signup sheet of the game you wish to play. If the signup sheet for a game is full, go over and ask if they can fit you in anyway. Sometimes they may be able to accommodate you. However, you may have to wait a couple of turns for reinforcements to arrive.

New players – do not be put off by the size of the table or the number of figures. You will only be handling a small part of them along with the other players on your side. All you really need to know in a miniatures game is how far you move, how far you shoot, and when in the turns you do each. Everything else isn’t necessary to know until it occurs. Game masters will be there to guide players through any complications that occur. After a couple of turns, you will find that you and the other players have grasped the game and will only need to turn to the game master for the oddball occurrences.

Don’t panic if you break something on the soldiers. This happens. Keep a hold of the broken part and tell the person running a game. They will put it in their repair box and the game will go on.

If you would like to run a miniatures event, please visit the Events page.