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Midwest GameFest 2016

Today we are opening event signups to our early-bird badge holders for Midwest GameFest, a four-day tabletop game convention being held this November 10-13, 2016 at Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center in Independence, Missouri. Regular badge holders begin event signup next Monday, October 10th at noon.

If you secured an early-bird badge while they were available, head on over to check out our event selection and signup for events! Not everything is in yet, especially organized play events (Heroes of Rokugan, D&D Adventurers League, Pathfinder Society, Shadowrun Missions), cosplay events, and other panels, but there are tons of game events to choose from already. So if you're an early bird, take advantage of this week and go get your worm!


Badges and Add-Ons Still Available

If you haven't bought a badge yet, now's the time! Four-day, single-day, and VIG badges are still available. And if you haven't seen any of our cool add-ons, like t-shirts, mugs, dice, raffle tickets, and organized play perks, then you are missing out. Head on over now to check out what's still available!

As you know, this year we decided against a Kickstarter. We didn't know what to expect, but attendee response to our new badge system and add-on store has been phenomenal! But we can always do better. The convention is a non-profit effort run by volunteers with limited resources, and so every little bit of support, time, and money helps a tremendous amount.

Add-On Merchandise


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Midwest GameFest 2016

The RPGKC is proud to announce the launch of pre-registration and even submissions for Midwest GameFest, a four-day tabletop game convention being held this November 10-13 at Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center in Independence, Missouri. There is a very limited supply of Early Bird badges available, so get them while they're hot! Early Bird badges also grant you early access to event sign-ups in September, so don't delay!


What About Add-Ons?

This year we decided against a Kickstarter. Payment arrangements with our new venue allowed us to pay the majority of our rental fees after the event, rather than before as in years past. Whew! But just because there's no Kickstarter doesn't mean there aren't great "reward add-ons" for your badges! Our super cool V.I.G. packages, available here, already include a fantastic selection of merchandise. These items, and more, are also available as add-ons in the Midwest GameFest Store. We've got great commemorative items like mugs, bags, t-shirts, and dice.

Add-On Merchandise

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What About Organized Play Add-Ons?

We've got you covered. Right now we've got great add-ons for Heroes of Rokugan and Shadowrun Missions, and working on more!

Heroes of Rokugan

Heroes of Rokugan

  • Lucky Moment
    One certificate allowing you to reroll your dice on one roll in a Heroes of Rokugan IV: Champions of the Ivory Throne game at Midwest GameFest 2016. Usable once; limit one.
  • A Glimpse Back
    LIMITED SUPPLY! One guaranteed seat at the Sunday morning exclusive slot of "The Final March of Toturi IX." Limit one.

Shadowrun Missions

Shadowrun Missions

  • NERPS!
    One of nine custom NERPS! cards, each granting a +3 dice pool modifier on a single test once per Mission, good only at Midwest GameFest 2016; available at Missions HQ.
  • Missions Premiere Event
    LIMITED SUPPLY! One seat at the Friday night Missions Premiere event; available at Missions HQ. The Missions Premiere Event will be a special Mission available for the first time outside of GenCon and Origins in the KC area.

More About Midwest GameFest

Midwest GameFest brings together long-running regional conventions ShaunCon and Borderwars and throws in the extensive gaming hoard from the Gamer's Haven Game Library to provide four incredible days of tabletop gaming, panels, workshops, contests, and more.

ShaunCon, Bordewars, and Gamer's Haven Game Library

More About the RPGKC

Role-Players Guild of Kansas CityThe Role-Players Guild of Kansas City, Ltd. is a non-profit group of role-playing game enthusiasts dedicated to bringing quality gaming to all and educating the public about that gaming in Kansas City and the surrounding areas since 1990. One of the largest game clubs in the midwest, we maintain relations with many game companies, industry luminaries, local game shops, and Midwest gaming groups. We play mainly roleplaying games and board games, along with some miniatures, card games and LARPs. Our members play at Guild-hosted events and often arrange their own game sessions. The majority of our members reside in the Kansas City metro area, with some located across the nation. New players welcome!


Midwest GameFest

The Role-players Guild of Kansas City is pleased to announce the return of Midwest GameFest in 2016! Attendees can enjoy four fantastic days of tabletop hobby games of all kinds, from role-playing games, LARPs, and social games, to board games, card games, and historical and fantasy miniatures games! There will also be great panels and workshops, and a wonderful array of ehibitors with all manner of hobby gaming-related products. There will be some great special guests, and this year we'll even have a variety of cosplay events. All this and more are brought to you by The Role-players Guild of Kansas City, Borderwars, and the Gamers Haven Game Library!

When: November 10-13, 2016

Where: Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center, Independence, Missouri

We'll be opening up event submission and pre-registration later this summer, so stay tuned!

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Early-bird event sign-up for Kickstarter backers is now over, so everyone can create an account, pay through PayPal, and sign-up for events! Head on over to create your account and get started!


Check out the Event List:

...and the Event Table:

We are still missing a lot of our organized play events, but D&D Adventurer’s League is already in the system. Check back later for Pathfinder Society, Heroes of Rokugan, and Shadowrun Missions.

New Special Guests

In addition to great guests like Star Wars’ Sterling Hershey and D&D Adventurer’s League's Jon Lamkin, we are pleased to announce a slew of new special guests! Here are the highlights, but get the full scoop at the site.


  • Jon Hook, freelance author and award-winning Call of Cthulhu podcaster.
  • Charles Ryan, chief operating officer at Monte Cook Games, the makers of Numenera andThe Strange.
  • Tammie Ryan, customer service manager at Monte Cook Games.
  • Bear Weiter, art director at Monte Cook Games.


Our special guests will be participating in panels Saturday afternoon between 2pm and 6pm. Watch for an announcement with panel details coming soon!

Pre-registration and event sign-up are now available to everyone! Our Kickstarter backers had a week of early-bird registration and now its everyon else's turn! Head on over to create your account, pay with PayPal and sign-up for events.

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Event hosts/GMs and volunteers can indicate their discounts on the pre-registration form to save a ton, all the way up to free admission.

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