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Event sign-ups are now wide open for ALL badge holders! Head on over to get your pick of the over 180 events being run. Check back often, though, as events are being added each week through October 13!


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Finally! Early Bird badge holders can now sign-up for events! We've got over 150 events already, and many more to come! All other badge holders can sign-up for events starting Sept 22, 2017!


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Early Bird Pricing Ending Sept 4! Early Bird tickets get early access to event sign-ups and save a bundle to boot! Early Bird pricing ends Labor Day weekend (Sept 4). Early Bird badge holders get early access to event sign-up starting September 15!


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Special Guest Richard Norton brings his traveling Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator to Midwest GameFest! Artemis lets you and your team of players assume the roles of Captain, Helm, Science, Communication, Engineering, Weapon Control, and Fighter Pilot. Together, you operate your ship and defend the sector from invading aliens and monster threats. Richard brings a complete bridge solution with workstations, a main view screen, a joystick for the pilot, music, and more!

Artemis is a casual "walk-up and play" experience, with sessions starting periodically. No event sign-up is necessary, and Artemis won't even be included in the online event listing. Want to sign-up a session for just you and your friends? Talk to Richard at the convention to make arrangements.

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RIchard Norton

StarburstCosplay joins us this Nov 2-5 for cosplay panels, workshops, a contest, and more!

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Photo: Retro Hawk Productions