Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

Volunteers Needed, Apply Now!

Volunteering is a great way to get into Midwest GameFest free or at a reduced cost!

Are you the sort of friendly spirit that likes to help out and make the convention a reality? Or are you the sort that is looking to reduce costs? Either way we would love to get your assistance!

And the need is real! Tabletop hobby conventions like Midwest GameFest can't function without volunteers who help staff Registration, the Game Library, and the Gamer Garage Sale.

Volunteer just one 4-hour block to get that day free. Volunteer just four 4-hour blocks and you get the whole event free!

And it's easy! Just fill out the form and let us know you are interested. Our Volunteer Coordinator will get in touch and work with you on a schedule that works for you.


Hotel Room Block Closing Soon!

Time is running out for hotel room reservations!

A block of rooms with a special rate has been reserved for April 17 - April 20, 2024 (the night prior to the convention starting, until Saturday night prior to the last day). The cut-off date for reserving rooms with the special rate is February 28, or until the group block is sold-out, whichever comes first.

Rooms include great away-from-home conveniences like a small fridge, microwave, and coffee maker! Call Stoney Creek's reservation line at 800-659-2220. Request our Group block and mention group code MGF2024. Note: The discount is not available online!



Early Bird Event Sign-ups Now Open

Early Bird badges can head on over and sign-up for events

Early Bird event sign-ups are now open for Early Bird badge holders and VIGs alike. Head on over to get a crack at the early offerings.

Just find the events you want, click to add them to your cart, then checkout to complete the order! Always a good idea to double-check that your checkout is complete. ;)

Regular event sign-ups start March 1, 2024 so Early Bird badge holders don't delay!

Events are being added through April, so if you don't see what you want then check back soon!



Event Submission Opens

Event submission is now officially open!

Game hosts can earn discounts on admission for running games and events. Run 4 hours of events and get the rest of the day free. Run 16 hours of games to get the whole weekend free!

Check our main events page for discount codes and other details.

What will YOU run this year?


Our In-Person Event is Now Spring, and Our Online Event is Now Fall!

We are flipping seasons to alleviate our pain points and also to make room for others. We will be online each December, and in person each April, still hosting two conventions a year. And we'll know the dates a year in advance!


  • Online: December 7-10, 2023 (each Fall)
  • In Person: April 18-21, 2024 (each Spring)

Get Started Early!

Buy badges and sponsorhips or submit an event for either convention RIGHT NOW!


But Why the Change?

We've been a Fall in-person convention for ages and ages, and we loved it. But at our current (beloved) venue we were always subject to the whims of the NFL. Due to contract issues, the NFL had to announce their schedule before we could determine our own dates. Really? Yes, really. This meant we never knew our dates for sure until May or June, and the dates were never the ones we wanted. For this pain, we received a discount on ballroom and conference room costs. Which worked out fine.

But as of 2023 we no longer receive a discount for this arrangement. With a number of other area conventions already in the Fall (TsunamiCon, Meeple-a-thon, and more), and the uncertainty of the weather in November and December, plus conflicts with FIRST Robotics seasons and other Fall events, this was a great opportunity to make a change.

So, we polled some of our exhibitors, sponsors, partners, and attendees. They were overwhelmingly in favor of the move to Spring. And there's no time like the present, so this was the year to tear the band-aid off. Huzzah!

Looking to the Future

Some thoughts on the future:

  • We expect to continue this pattern but will evaluate it after the first year.
  • We are also looking hard at options to expand our space and accommodate more events and players. Our growth is pushing the envelope on what our beloved traditional venue can accommodate and we know it. Change is in the wind.
  • Things are good! We had record in-person attendance in 2022 and record income. As a not-for-profit, no one gets to pocket any of this money. All staff are volunteers and there are no payments to anyone or benefits to being on the organizing team (other than a job well done). We turn around and invest any profit into shelving, signage, other infrastructure, and a war chest for rainy days and strategic purchases.
  • We've got a good bench of talent, and folks interested in continuing when some folks step down. And there is ALWAYS a need for new blood with fresh ideas. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks for your continued support of Midwest GameFest and the Role-players Guild of Kansas City!


Brad Kelley
Director, Midwest GameFest
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.