Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

Hey everyone, just a quick update on the status of refunds.

All refunds are being processed and proceeding normally. The process is taking longer than we anticipated due to inter-bank transfer and processing mechanics. Sorry this is taking so long, but have no fear.

I just got off the phone with Stripe, the processor, and learned that everyone's refunds should be finalized within 7-10 business days of October 1. That translates to October 18 at the latest. If you don't see the refund at your credit/debit card company by then, make sure and reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get it figured out.

Here are some additional insights on the process:

  • Sept 11 Board votes to cancel.
  • Sept 18 Announcement of cancellation.
  • Sept 19 First test refund started from event system.
  • Sept 20-28 Evaluation of refund mechanism and fees.
  • Sept 29 Remainder of refunds started from event system.
  • Oct 1 Stripe transfers money from MWGF bank to cover refunds.
  • Oct 1-18 Stripe, banks, and credit/debit card companies process the verification of funds and transfers.

Update: As of Oct 6, all refunds have been posted and are complete. =)


Brad Kelley, Director 
Midwest GameFest

With the challenges of hosting in-person events dragging on longer than we anticipated, the Role-Players Guild of Kansas City has decided to cancel Midwest GameFest 2021, originally scheduled for Nov 11-14, 2021. This decision is unfortunate and disappointing but is data-driven and comes after much deliberation and consultation. It was not made in haste and does not come lightly. 

Attendees will be given full refunds, the costs of which will be absorbed by the Guild. MWGF will take care of arranging refunds, so no action is needed on your part. If you have already paid for a badge, expect refunds to be executed this week.

Online Spring 2022 & In-Person Fall 2022

Online in Spring, In-Persion in Fall 2022

Instead of pivoting to an online event on the same date, we are instead adjusting strategy to host two events each year:

  1. An online-only event each Spring (date TBD, but probably March 12, 2022)
  2. An in-person event each Fall (date TBD, but probably November 12, 2022)

We expect to continue this pattern, but will evaluate after the first year.


Midwest GameFest planning meetings will continue monthly in preparation for the online-only event in 2022. Prior to cancellation we had 47 exhibitors and more volunteers than ever before, so we hope to continue that momentum into 2022.


IMPORTANT: We encourage everyone clamoring for in-person tabletop gaming this Fall to attend Meeple-A-Thon, October 22, 2021. Meeple-A-Thon is a free event in the Kansas City area that benefits Hillcrest Platte County’s Young Adult Housing program. There are board games, role-playing games, and more. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the benefit raffle or otherwise donate. Meeple-A-Thon has enjoyed great success over the last few years, COVID aside, and this year looks to be better than ever with a large venue.


Thanks for your continued support of Midwest GameFest and the Role-players Guild of Kansas City!


Brad Kelley
Director, Midwest GameFest
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Midwest GameFest

Midwest GameFest Returns in 2021 in Person!

The Role-players Guild of Kansas City is pleased to announce the (in person) return of Midwest GameFest in 2021! Attendees can enjoy four fantastic days of tabletop hobby games of all kinds, from role-playing games, LARPs, and social games, to board games, card games, and historical and fantasy miniatures games! There's cosplay contests, workshops, and panels and our wonderful array of exhibitors with all manner of hobby gaming and fantasy-related products. There will be some great special guests, and this year we'll even have a variety of new activities.

When: November 11-14, 2021

Where: Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center, Independence, Missouri

Details: https://www.midwestgamefest.org

Registration: Attendee and exhibitor sign-ups start July 1!

New Partner — Recruits!

Midwest GameFest combines a number of partners under one roof, including ShaunCon, Borderwars, and the Gamer's Haven Game Library. And this year we are excited to announce the addition of Recruits! Recruits is the storied miniatures and tabletop hobby game convention organized by the Lee's Summit High School Organization of Strategic Gamers (OSG) and held for many, many years at LSHS. Due to construction at the high school Recruits is relocating to Midwest GameFest this year! Students 15 and under can continue to enjoy free admission (with an accompanying paid adult) and an assortment of favorite Recruits activities. Needless to say, we are EXCITED!


COVID Precautions

Midwest GameFests takes our responsibility to public health and safety very seriously. Expect the following precautions this Fall:

  • Mask required (CDC-approved masks available at no cost)
  • Temperature checks at the door
  • Entry prohibited to those who are ill
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue
  • Acrylic screens at volunteer stations
  • No vaccination requirement, but volunteers, GMs, exhibitors, and attendees are heavily encourage to be vaccinated.

Stay Tuned!

Event submission, pre-registration, and exhibitor applications are opening July 1st! Watch for announcements on our site, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and email.

Midwest GameFest 2020 event sign-ups are now open for all badge holders! Head on over to get a crack at the early offerings.


Indies plus lots of D&D (including an EPIC!), L5R and more are already available, with more on the way each week through October 16. Don't delay!

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Early Bird event sign-ups are now open for Early Bird badge holders and VIGs alike. Head on over to get a crack at the early offerings.


Regular event sign-ups start September 11, 2020 so Early-bird badge holders don't delay!

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