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Capps Games

Capps Games was created in 1991 and stopped in 1995. Capps Games was built on SKILLMASTER a game with no dice but cards. Now in 2024, Capps Games returns with a variety of games using only special dice. They are 6 sided in appearance but there is no 1 nor 6. In place, there are a 0 where the 1 goes and an 8 where the six goes. Players now have the ability to roll 3-18 instead of 0-24. All thirty one games will eventually changed over to this d6 format. Currently Pax: Land of Heroes and Legends, a role playing game and Royal Blood, a card game are in production. SKILLMASTER Role playing game will return by April of this year along with its own Pantheon.

» Website: https://cappsgames.com