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BiscuitTinRPG/Storytellers Forge

We create stories and mechanics. I represent Storytellers Forge who just recently funded their new campaign The Black Ballad (the same writers behind The Red Opera: Last days of the Warlock and who allowed me to add to their newest book as a writer). And I also represent my own company BiscuitTinRPG, where we specialize in mechanics and bringing role play to the front of your games. I am a AP streamer/writer/ and we recently released The First Gate: A Menagerie of Madness which has a new world to explore and a ton of new character options.

Black Ballad Trailer: https://youtu.be/qMl18HCc_FI?si=l3BztBt19oYzpWr-

First Gate Informational: https://youtu.be/V9hLieV3fQo?si=vfK4_xExeZhLMyGm

» Website: http://linktr.ee/JeffPoB