Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

2024 Sponsors

We'll update the list as we get folks confirmed. Check back often!

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Bossy Games

Bossy Games will play test a new edition of CAPTAINS & CURSES — Tide of Thieves. Stop by Thursday and Friday to visit this long time friend of Midwest Gamefest in their third sponsorship! Check us out at BossyGames.com, at Twitter.com/bossy_games, and Instagram.com/bossygamebits!

» Website: https://bossygames.com

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Double Exposure Envoy Play-to-Win

Double Exposure's Envoy program provides Midwest GameFest's Play-to-Win program. It's available to all convention attendees that play a copy of our Play-to-Win games. The winner(s) receive one copy of the game that was used for this program, not a new copy. It is sponsored by one or more generous game companies that donated a copy of the Play-to-Win game to raise awareness of their products.

» Website: https://www.dexposure.com/envoy/

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Haunted Castle Gaming Inc.

Genesis: Battle of Champions is a tactical collectible card game played with cards and a 5x6 arena. Genesis merges the strategic concepts of a tactical miniatures game with the experience of a collectible card game. In Genesis, players act as champions in an arena and build a custom deck called a timeline. The cards in a player’s timeline will contain different abilities that a champion can use in order to defeat their enemies. The positioning of your champion and allies factors into your success. You win by defeating all enemy champions. A champion is defeated when they have zero HP remaining or have no more cards left in their timeline. Genesis: Battle of Champions can be played in multiple formats such as the standard constructed format, multiple opponent free-for-all and teamed matches, as well as limited formats such as draft and sealed. A typical two-player game will last for 15 - 30 minutes.

» Website: https://www.genesisboc.com

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Peculiar Games and Hobbies

Peculiar Games and Hobbies is a great place to have fun and meet new people. A place designed to help you relax and escape the hectic world even if just for a few hours. Whether you enjoy board games, Role Play, card games or miniatures there is something for everyone. We host different activities everyday and have a growing game library for you to try. Our Envoy is here almost every Sunday for Board Game Day with new game demos. We are currently running a month of events to raise money for Breast Cancer patients. Check out our Facebook page or stop in and join our Peculiar Gamers for a Cure.

» Website: https://www.peculiargamesandhobbies.com/

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Game Library presented by ReRoll Tavern

Kansas City’s premiere Board Game Bar and Pop‑Up Venue. Featuring unlimited board gaming, endless role-playing adventures, delicious specialty drinks, and passionate staff, ReRoll Tavern is the place to connect with friends and family through the magic of cocktails, conversation, and competition! You can enjoy our 500+ board games and RPG collection all night for a $5 pay-to-play fee, or get free access with your membership.

» Website: https://www.rerolltavern.com

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Bad Comet Games

Bad Comet is a Board Game publisher out of Seoul, South Korea. Their projects include Shaolia, Wild: Serengeti, and their latest Life of the Amazonia! Check out their newest release at: http://m.site.naver.com/128qe

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» Website: https://badcomet.co

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Dorky Dino

Dorky Dino is a shop run by artist Brandi Miller. Brandi designs cute creatures and then hand makes them into various products including charms, keychains, jewelry, dice bags, and patches. She also does original paintings and other fine arts. The main themes in Dorky Dino are all things cute and colorful, as well as references to geekery and pop culture. Many of her creations are inspired by tabletop gaming.

» Website: https://dorkydino.com

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Heart of America Historical Miniature Gaming Society

Heart of America Miniature gaming Society (HAHMGS) is a not for profit corporation registered in the State of Missouri. The purpose of this society is to promote historical gaming in miniature and the study of military history. Towards this goal we publish the Communique and host Borderwars, our annual convention each Spring.

» Website: http://www.hahmgs.org/

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KantCon is a family-friendly non-profit convention for tabletop hobby gamers in July in the Kansas City area, started in 2009. KantCon organizers work with gaming companies like Wizards of the Coast, Rio Grande Games, Envoy and other companies to generate the thousands of dollars in prizes handed out over the years, and this support continues for KantCon 2023!

» Website: https://kantcon.com

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KC Hobbit League

Collecting, painting and playing anything to do with LotR GW figures and game.

» Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/217228575075188

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Tabletop Game & Hobby

We specialize in non-electronic games, and carry a massive variety of board games, miniature games, role-playing games, classic games, gaming accessories, and more. After you’ve browsed our selection, stop by our game room. It is free to use, and it’s often host to weekly events and club meetings – including classes where you can learn to play and run games, or model and paint gaming accessories. Join us at the Table – we can’t wait to game with you!

» Website: https://tabletopgameandhobby.com

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AAW Games

AAW Games is a tabletop game publishing company run by Jonathan G. Nelson and located in Snoqualmie, WA. We produce gaming products compatible with 5th Edition, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Savage Worlds. We run Kickstarters, make cool stuff for Fantasy Grounds, and a lot more. Adventureaweek.com is AAW Games’ core product. This award-winning website provides monthly subscribers with a steady stream of adventures and tabletop roleplaying products for D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Savage Worlds.

» Website: https://adventureaweek.com

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Arc Dream Publishing

Arc Dream Publishing is a small-press publisher of high-quality games (and whatever else strikes its managers’ fancy), founded by Dennis Detwiller and Shane Ivey. We produce the critically-acclaimed roleplaying games Delta Green, Puppetland, Monsters and Other Childish Things, Wild Talents, Better Angels, the classic World War II superhero game GODLIKE, the infamous horror gaming magazine The Unspeakable Oath, the Swords & Sorceries series of D&D adventures, and the squamously fun card game Wrestlenomicon.

» Website: https://arcdream.com/

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Atlas Games

Atlas Games features the industry's best designers and authors, engaging gameplay, and thrilling storytelling. Our games have changed the way gamers think about gaming. Delve deeper into your own imagination. Atlas will show you the way.

» Website: http://www.atlas-games.com

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Board & Dice

Board & Dice designs, develops, and publishes family and strategy board games. We aim to make interesting, deep and diverse games, each being a unique experience, and each sporting its own flavor and an engaging theme.

» Website: https://boardanddice.com

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Brotherwise Games

Brotherwise Games, LLC is an independent game publisher founded by Chris and Johnny O’Neal. Brotherwise’s first game, Boss Monster was a Kickstarter hit in 2012, and the game has gone on to become one of the best selling card games in the U.S. Brotherwise Games is based in Southern California.

» Website: https://www.brotherwisegames.com

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Cryptic Crits

Beautiful and vibrant, strange and sometimes ethereal, these handmade resin dice will be the talk of your table. Come to our website and fall in love with these shiny click clacks.

» Website: http://crypticcrits.com

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Jeff Stevens Games

Publishing high-end adventures for the world's greatest role-playing game. I'm Jeff Stevens - a fantasy RPG writer. I've been writing and producing RPG adventures and supplements since June 2016, publishing them on the Dungeon Masters Guild. I have my name on over 100 RPG products. I can honestly say that I love this job. I never imagined that my childhood and teenage love of RPGs would lead me to a career of writing for them!

» Website: https://www.jeffstevensgames.com

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Leder Games

Since 2014, Leder Games has been building immersive designs that put players first. In 2015 we released Vast: The Crystal Caverns, a ground-breaking asymmetric strategy game. In 2018, we released Root, which has won numerous international gaming awards for both its design and production. Since then, we have released many acclaimed games, including Vast: The Mysterious Manor, Fort, and Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile. In 2022, we have crowdfunded Arcs (2023) and will release Ahoy.

» Website: https://ledergames.com

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Nord Games

We at Nord Games are a group of highly skilled and creative people dedicated to designing and publishing excellent gaming content. We are huge fans of Card Games, Board Games and Role Playing Games from other publishers, but we also enjoy creating our own material based on our own needs and desires.

» Website: https://nordgamesllc.com

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Paranoia Rising Games, Inc.

We believe in fun without compromise. Games that we publish focus on quality components, evolving storylines, replayability, and deep social interaction. Paranoia Rising Games is based in Toronto and has released its first game, Vigilante, in 2022. Vigilante is a thrilling superhero social deduction game. Its first expansion, Hidden Motives, will be crowdfunding in 2023!

» Website: https://paranoiarising.com

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Slugfest Games

Slugfest Games provides good clean fun that’s dripping with theme. They strive to make games that are easy to learn and quick to play, with a depth of strategy that is learned through playing. They love humor paired with solid mechanics, so thank Slugfest Games for supporting Midwest GameFest through prize donations to our benefit raffle!

» Website: http://slugfestgames.com

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Stonemaier Games

Stonemaier Games is a tabletop game publisher run by Jamey Stegmaier with the support of co-founder Alan Stone and a myriad of talented independent contractors, volunteers, and fans. Based in St. Louis and distributed worldwide, Stonemaier Games’ brands include Viticulture, Euphoria, Between Two Cities, Scythe, Charterstone, My Little Scythe, and Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

» Website: https://stonemaiergames.com

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DGS Games

DGS Games makes 32mm figures for the skirmish game Freelblades and our RPG Brightsword.

» Website: https://dgsgames.com

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Noble Knight Games

Since 1997, Noble Knight Games has been serving the needs of thousands of gamers worldwide. We specialize in both new and out-of-print RPGs, Board Games, War Games, Collectible Card Games, Miniatures, and all things game-related. At Noble Knight Games, we are perfectionists. You can expect that your order will be carefully packed and shipped promptly, in many instances the same day you place your order. All of the items listed on our website (unless noted as preorder or special order) are in stock and ready to ship. Use code JINGLE22 for 10% off our entire site in December 2022!

» Website: https://www.nobleknight.com

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Old Chicago

Since 1976, Old Chicago has been serving the best lineup of cold beers and handmade pizza in town. Stop in and get a taste of the Craft Beer Authority. Lunch, dinner or late-night, Old Chicago has something for everyone. If it’s a pizza, pasta, calzone, salad, burger or sandwich you crave, go for it. Every choice is a winner. Thirsty? Choose from our great selection of craft beers, from the brewery across the street to the brewery across the planet. For the serious hops-and-barley fans, there’s our famous World Beer Tour. It’s free to join, and the benefits are endless. Old Chicago – Tap into a slice of the good life!

» Website: https://oldchicago.com

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Skull Splitter Dice

Awesome polyhedral dice for your role game playing needs.

» Website: https://www.skullsplitterdice.com

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TrapStreet Studios

Our flagship product - the Calamus - is a mobile and desktop app that allows users to quickly and easily create their own custom battlemaps or gameboards for tabletop roleplaying games that they can then use to host games or download to print or use on another virtual tabletop. Other features include a robust chat, dice sets, a story and name idea generator, and a stat roller. Learn more at: https://trapstreetstudios.com/theCalamus

» Website: https://trapstreetstudios.com/theCalamus

Friends of Midwest GameFest


Special thanks to our friends at Tabletop.Events, the fantastic new convention management tool. Tabletop.Events helps conventions like Midwest Game Fest run more smoothly. It saves convention organizers hundreds of hours by automating mundane tasks, and puts power in the hands of attendees and exhibitors to buy badges and tickets, submit events, and run booths. Make sure the next con you attend or run has the power of Tabletop.Events behind it. Share the love and check them out! https://tabletop.events/

» Website: https://tabletop.events/

Friends of Midwest GameFest

Events for Gamers

Events for Gamers is a game industry event calendar and developer resource guide for conferences and conventions from around the world. Events include GDC, SIGGRAPH, Casual Connect, GamesBeat, Midwest GameFest, E3 Expo, PAX, Comic-Con, Computex, and hundreds of others.

» Website: https://www.eventsforgamers.com