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Heroes of Rokugan

The year is 1137.

Four years ago, Rokugan faced the forces of the Lying Darkness at Volturnum. With the return of the Empire’s ancestors through Oblivion’s Gate, the Shadow was defeated, though at great cost. Many of these spirits chose to remain in the mortal realm, to help Rokugan recover from the grievous wounds dealt by the Empire’s enemies during the War Against the Darkness. Emperor Toturi I, himself a returned spirit, has made every effort to reintegrate the other spirits into the modern Empire. The major conflicts over the last decade have taken their toll, and Rokugan has been long in rebuilding. But the Empire’s foes have been biding their time as well, and the reign of Toturi is not as secure as most believe…

What is Heroes of Rokugan?

Heroes of Rokugan is the largest living campaign focused on the Legend of the Five Rings world. This is the fourth iteration of Heroes of Rokugan, which has attracted thousands of players from around the world to take part in a collaborative storytelling and gaming experience like none other. A fascinating world of danger intrigue await, and the heroes of Rokugan stand ready to meet it head on! Will you join them?

Heroes of RokuganThis year’s highlights include new module releases and an interactive for Heroes of Rokugan: Champions of the Ivory Throne!

  • IT 00: Festival of Coronation - A new Emperor is Crowned. An Empire rejoices.
  • IT 01: Legacy of my Ancestors - A chance meeting offers you the chance to address an old wrong in an older bloodline. Will your help lead the last survivors to a path of redemption or to ruin?
  • IT 02: Distracted Sentries - Many gather to venerate the ascension of a hero to the Celestial Heavens, but what walks in the shadows while other eyes are turned upward?
  • IT 03: Lessons Never Forgotten - “The three greatest enemies of the Mantis are soil erosion, customs inspectors, and the Phoenix. In that order.” ~Yoritomo Yoshiro
  • IT 04: Crossing the Forbidden Sea - By the order of the Emperor, all Clans must send some of their own to experience what he has seen. Getting there? A trick in and of itself.
  • IT INT 01: Welcome to Balishnimpur - In honor of the arrival of new guests, the Governess of the city is throwing a gathering. But the clans are interested in more than just social niceties.

Don't miss the Saturday night political interactive, "Welcome to Balishnimpur!" Come in costume for extra fun! But remember to check Midwest GameFest's Cosplay Policy (e.g. no real weapons).



Many people enjoy wearing a costume to L5R LARP-type events, or even just to play modules! Please feel free to create your own costume, and be as authentic (or not!) as you like. There are some great resources available over at the Heroes of Rokugan Costuming page.

Toys for Tots

Heroes of Rokugan is again taking donations for Toys for Tots. Bring something packaged to donate and we'll get it to the charity for you!

Heroes of Rokugan Exclusive Badge Add-Ons

Get your convention badge, and then head over our Add-On Store to get some super cool exclusive Heroes of Rokugan add-ons...

  • Lucky Moment
    One certificate allowing you to reroll your dice on one roll in a Heroes of Rokugan IV: Champions of the Ivory Throne game at Midwest GameFest 2016. Usable once; limit one.
  • A Glimpse Back
    LIMITED SUPPLY! One guaranteed seat at the Sunday morning exclusive slot of "The Final March of Toturi IX." Limit one.


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