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RJ Thomas

Shadowrun Line Developer 

A native and current resident of Northwest Ohio, RJ is an award-winning game author and the current line developer for the Shadowrun TTRPG line published by Catalyst Game Labs. In 2011, he started his professional gaming career as a member of the Catalyst Demo Team. Soon after joining the CDT, he became a freelance writer and later project developer for the Shadowrun line. During that time, he’s contributed to over forty Shadowrun projects across three different editions. His credits include Hazard Pay, Run and Gun, Street Grimoire, Street Lethal, Cutting Black, Scotophobia, Shadowrun 2050, and Dark Terrors(the latter two he shares an Ennie Award with fellow SR authors) among others. He’s also crafted the Shadowrun adventures Battle of Manhattan, Counting Coup, Starving the Masses,and False Flag. Additionally, he’s penned several Shadowrun short stories such as Butcher’s Bill, My Brother’s Keeper, SNAFU, Neon Reflections, and the Drawing Destinyanthology story One for the Other. In 2022, he crossed into Catalyst Game Lab’s other major product line BattleTech with the short story The Space Cowboys from Quatre Belle, published in Shrapnel (the official BattleTech magazine), Issue #11.

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