Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

Jamie Lindemann

Author & Game Designer

Jamie is a technical theatre professional by day, tabletop game designer also by day and sometimes at night (and weekends, but not every weekend). He writes RPGs and board games, usually built around stories and storytelling. His biggest release to date, Heist: Masterminds, was crowdfunded last summer and has successfully been delivered to four countries and about half the Unites States. He wrote the game and designed all the artwork in close collaboration with my wife Alli, who is also my art director.

Jamie thinks games, like theatre, give us an opportunity to step outside ourselves and explore who we might be under different circumstances: a dashing rogue, a chilling villain, someone we give permission to live outside our own boundaries. What do we learn there and do we bring those lessons home? Some of his games are playful explorations of fantasy tropes (interrogating how we expect fantasy stories to work) or somber reflections on death & legacy (what story will be told about us after we're gone?) or about thrilling criminal enterprises (a story about how stealing important objects is objectively cool. They're not all high concept).

He lives in Kansas City, MO with his partner and son and has been hitting the local convention scene for the last few years to get the word out about Nerdhaus Games.

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