Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

Heather Anderson

Heather Anderson (Lothlorien Woods Cosplay)

Cosplay Coordinator/Judge

Photo courtesy Pense Productions

Heather Anderson is originally from Indianapolis but has lived in the KC area for the past few years. She first started cosplaying in 2008 at her first Gencon. She is mostly a novice cosplayer who prefers to assemble pieces together as she really doesn’t enjoy sewing. She prides herself in creating fun cosplays on a tight budget, usually creating at least one new cosplay a year. She really enjoys being someone else for the day! Her cosplay plans include cosplaying for sick children in hospitals. She loves making children smile with her cosplays. Some of her cosplays include Sally, Arwen, Frodo, Elsa, Shiloh Wallace, Rey, Ramona Flowers, and The Child-Like Empress. She fulfilled a seven-year cosplay dream in 2016 with her Blind Mag cosplay from Repo The Genetic Opera, which won first place at the KantCon 2016 Cosplay contest. In her spare time, she is a vampire at Worlds Of Fun’s Halloween Haunt: Lore Of The Vampire attraction. Check out our Cosplay events page to get in on the fun!

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