Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

Garage Sale

The Gamer Garage Sale provides an opportunity for attendees to sell used games and gaming-related items at the convention. It is open most of the show.


To purchase items, simply browse, find what you want, and take it to the cashier. Items are priced – no bidding required.


  • To sell items, fill out a Gamer Garage Sale Seller Form.
  • You must have a convention badge to sell items in the Gamer Garage Sale.
  • Create a price tag with the provided sticky notepad. Include price, badge number, and item number (include the page number if multiple pages).
  • Prices must be in 50-cent increments.
  • There is a 20-item limit per sheet, and items must be related to gaming. Attendees can request multiple sheets.
  • Items can be grouped to sell as a bundle (e.g. set of miniatures, game w/ expansions, dice, etc.).

Checking Out and Getting Paid

Check out of the Gamer Garage Sale any time it is open but before 2 pm Sunday. The Gamer Garage Sales is usually open 9 am to 6 pm, but sometimes longer depending on volunteer availability. Just go to the register at the Gamer Garage Sale and ask to pick up your unsold items and to be paid for your sold items. We will pay you in cash, but payments via PayPal can be arranged.

DEADLINE 2 pm Sunday

The Gamer Garage Sale closes at 2pm Sunday and all items MUST be picked up by that time. Make arrangements in advance if needed. Items left unclaimed become the property of The Role-players Guild of Kansas City, LTD, organizers of the convention.

Gamer Garage Sale Form

Gamer Garage Sale Form

Gamer Garage Sale Form »

Garage Sale Posit-It

15% Commission

Midwest GameFest keeps a 15% commission from your total sales to support the convention. Example: If the asking price for your sold items totals $25.00, you will receive $21.25, as MWGF keeps 15% ($3.75). Where possible we will round to the nearest nickel.

Fine Print

  • All items are sold as-is, and Midwest GameFest takes no responsibility for any missing pieces, damaged, or otherwise undesirable items.
  • All sales are final and not subject to refund.
  • The convention staff will determine if an item, bundle of goods, etc. meets the requirements, and reserves the right to accept or turn away items that do not meet the criteria or break the spirit of the sale. 
  • Midwest GameFest takes no responsibility for products damaged, misplaced, or mislabeled at the Gamer Garage Sale. Midwest Gamefest watches for shoplifting, sticker swapping, and other mischief but cannot guarantee security for your items.