Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

Garage Sale

The Gamer Garage Sale provides an opportunity for attendees to sell used games and gaming related items at the convention. It is open most of the show.


To purchase items, simply browse, find what you want, and take it to the cashier. Items are priced – no bidding required.


Gamers Garage Sale

To sell items, fill out a Gamer Garage Sale Registration Form at the registration desk (or download one here). Provide your name, address, phone number, item descriptions and your price for each item. Prices must be in 50-cent increments. Attach a price tag and registration/item number on your item and place it on the sale tables and shelves. You may check out of the Gamer Garage Sale at any time by picking up your unsold items and the money for the items that have been sold; if you opted in to accept credit card payments, you will be paid via PayPal the week after the convention. A photo ID will be required.

Please note: Midwest GameFest will keep a 15% commission from your total sales. Example: If the asking price for your sold items totals $25.00, you will receive $21.25, as we keep 15% ($3.75). Any items left unclaimed at the end of the convention become the property of the Midwest GameFest.

Note: Where possible we will round to the nearest nickel.

All Sales Final

All items are sold as-is, and Midwest GameFest takes no responsibility for any missing pieces, damaged, or otherwise undesirable items. There is a 20-item limit per attendee, and items must be related to gaming. The con staff will determine if an item, bundle of goods, etc. meets the requirements, and reserves the right to accept or turn away items that do not meet the criteria, or break the spirit of the sale. You must have a convention badge to sell items in the Gamer Garage Sale.