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Thanks for your interest in the annual Midwest GameFest Cosplay Contest! Needless to say, cosplayers and gamers have a lot in common, and we seek to strengthen those bonds with our annual contest. Tell your friends by sharing this page or our Facebook event.


We have a limited number of spots. Registration for the cosplay contest will continue until spots are full or on Saturday at 5pm, whichever comes first.



Note: The cosplay pre-judging and contest will be held on the stage in the Earth room. Look for a map in your convention program or ask a volunteer for directions if needed. Someone will be available at the registration desk to assist you.


Midwest GameFest is offering cash prizes for First Place, Second Place, and Third Place in the adult and children's categories, as decided by our judges, as well as certificates for a number of other categories. Winners must be present to receive their award.

Cosplay Ribbons

Adults Cosplay Contest

We will have pre-judging and take craftmanship into consideration.

  • $50 First Place
  • $30 Second Place
  • $20 Third Place

Kids Cosplay Contest

No pre-judging for children, just show up amd walk the stage with the adult cosplayers.

  • $20 First Place
  • $15 Second Place
  • $10 Third Place


Heather Anderson, Erica Rainae, and Elizabeth Robertsson will be judging our in-person cosplay contest for 2022. Each is a gifted cosplayer and we would like to thank them for their generosity and help with judging.

Heather Anderson

Heather Anderson

Lothlorien Woods Cosplay

Photo courtesy Pense Productions

Heather Anderson of Lothlorien Woods Cosplay is originally from Indianapolis but has lived in the KC area for the past few years. She first started cosplaying in 2008 at her first Gencon. She prides herself in creating fun cosplays on a tight budget, usually creating at least one new cosplay a year.

Erica Rainae

Erica Rainae

Erica Rainae Cosplay

Photo courtesy Erica Rainae Cosplay

Erica Rainae is a self-taught designer of cosplays and costumes. She has been working on costumes for over 20 years and loves taking on challenges. She enjoys being pushed to think outside the norms and loves mashups and expressive costumes. Check out her work at Erica Rainae Cosplay.

Elizabeth Robertson

Elizabeth Robertson

Jedi Lizzy's Geek Boutique

Photo courtesy Jedi Lizzy

Erica Robertson (aka Jedi Lizzy) loves cosplaying on a budget with her husband and kids. She's been helping as a volunteer at Recruits for over a decade and loves to introduce new people to the cosplay hobby. As Jedi Lizzy she crafts handmade items, customs, and geekery!

Contest Rules

There are really very few rules this year... except to have fun! This year's contest is casual and while we encourage people to create their cosplays and display their craftsmanship, we want every type of cosplayer to feel like they have something to offer even if they are not cosplay crafters. Whether you make everything from scratch, piece stuff together from the thrift store, or purchase your costume from the local costume shop, you are all encouraged to enter our cosplay contest. Everyone will have a fair chance to win something. 

All cosplay contestants must follow our standard Cosplay Policy in addition to the following:


  • Contestants must have a weekend or Saturday badge in their name. These can be purchased at the event or online.
  • Contestants must submit a Contest Entry Form.
  • Contestants must be 13 years or older to enter the adult category.
  • If under 16, contestants must have a legal guardian present.
  • If under 18, contestants must have parental permission to enter.
  • Cosplays can be from any genre: anime, books, comics, games, movies, etc.
  • Cosplays must pass the weapons check.


  • Cosplays will have a maximum of one minute on stage and runway.
  • Cosplays can contain no more than three (3) people per group unless approved by the judges.
  • Contestants must alert the cosplay judges beforehand if they are going to say or do anything out of the ordinary on stage.
  • Contestants may not make religious, political, or any other demonstrations that could offend others.
  • Contestants must avoid danger to themselves or others. No throwing objects. No fire. No confetti. No fog machines. No Nerf bullets. No shooting or launching objects.

Stage Rules

  • When on stage contestants will use a three-point system for poses.
  • Contestants may not throw anything at/to the audience.
  • Contestants may not say or yell anything offensive.
  • Contestants must remove anything they take on stage with them.

Schedule for Cosplayers

  • Contestants will need to sign up or check in by 5pm Saturday afternoon.
  • The contest will happen between 5pm and 7pm. You will need to get there beforehand for practice.
  • Awards will happen after the cosplay contest.
  • Times
    • 5:00pm pre-judging at stage
    • 5:30pm-6:30pm contest
    • 6:30pm parade to Elements Ballroom
    • 7:00pm announce winners and award certs


  • Our cosplay staff has the right to disqualify anyone for any reason.
  • We reserve the right to add and modify rules as necessary.


If you have any questions or concerns about your cosplay, email our Cosplay Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..