Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

Midwest GameFest is four fantastic days of gaming and badges are available for purchase at the Midwest GameFest Tabletop.Events site. Pricing and discount information is available at our Pricing page. Select your discount when checking out!


Got a discount code? Redeem discount codes after selecting your badge type.

Badge Add-Ons

We also have some fantastic badge add-ons... special events, t-shirts, mugs, raffle tickets, and more... available exclusively through the Tabletop.Events merchandise store! Anything that would have been a Kickstarter add-on in the past is there and there's more being added all the time.


What is Tabletop.Events?

Tabletop.Events is a handy site for running conventions. It lets us sell badges, accept event submissions, schedule them, and manage a number of different activities.


How Do I Use It?

Simple visit the site, create an account, and add badges to your card for you, your family, or your business. You can even customize the name that appears on each badge. When you're ready, just check out, provide payment information, and you're done! Your badges will be waiting for you at the "Will Call" area of the convention's registration desk.

What About Discounts?

Each badge you add provides a list of possible discount levels that can be applied. Simply select the one that applies to you.

We've got some great discounts for members, volunteers, and others. Get the full scoop on volunteer discounts over at our Pricing page.