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Star Wars Murder Mystery

A Shot in the Dark

What happens when bounty hunters, smugglers, and all manner of criminals gather? Not violence — not in the Cantina. But when tensions rise high one night, a shot rings out as the lights go down, and now everyone has to figure out who shot first, and who they're going to turn in to the Hutts to maintain the peace.

When and Where

This event is held Friday, December 2, 2022 at 7pm in McCoy's Bar at Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center.

Limited Seating

Who shot first in the Cantina — and who are you going to blame for the death?

This Star Wars themed murder mystery is a three and a half hour experience where you will build your character, create a tangled web of connections, and play out a murder and investigation in the McCoy's Bar at Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center during Midwest GameFest. There is no cost for this ticket, but a Friday badge is required. Drinks and bar food are available for purchase in McCoy's during the event.


Star Wars themed costumes are encouraged. Scum, villains, ambassadors, and starship pilots all mingle at the Cantina, so be creative! Or just come as you are!

Note: All costumes are subject to our Cosplay Policy.