Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

Mars Cup Skyship Race

Join us for an exquisite steampunk-era skyship race on the high sands of Mars! A sight to behold and tell your children about. Ships provided.

2nd Annual Mars Cup Skyship Race

Over 20 years ago, March 9, 1870: Thomas Edison, in an Aether Balloon of his own design, landed on Mars. To commemorate this anniversary, a Great Martian Jubilee is held. All of the great Earth powers will have a pavilion as well some of the more advanced indigenous tribes. Exhibitions of culture and industry amongst the Martian colonies as well as the latest scientific discoveries will be presented. An Amusement area will provide entertainments to amuse young and old. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to dine on the finest cuisine from Mars as well as delicacies from Venus, Mercury and Earth!

And finally, on the Anniversary of the GREAT DAY, there will be a Skyship Race! France, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, the United States, Russia, and Japan all will compete for the MARS CUP! Don't miss this aerial chariot race.

The Great Race or... Those Magnificent Martians in Their Superb Skyships!

Giant skyships fly through the air over the sands of Mars all Friday and Saturday! Can you steer your Skyship to victory thru the Martian skies?

Mars Cup Framed Photo

"Rest assured, steps have been taken to prevent a recurrance of the tragic events of last years inaugural race. Each nation has pledged to respect all rules and regulations of the Martian Skyship Sailing Society. There will be NO explosive devices or projectiles allowed during the race. Any attempts at bulldogging or ‘accidental’ collisions will be severly penalised! This race will not degenerate into an uncivilised display of violence and poor sportsmanship, AGAIN!!!"

"Please join us in a civilised, gentlemanly, dignified, sporting event. And do not lend any credence to rumors of certain nations planning revenge for last years unseemly displays of nationalistic jingoism."

–Jack Armstrong, President M.S.S.S.



Certificates and prizes will be awarded at each of the four sessions: 1st place $20 and 2nd place $5.

Mars Race Prize Ribbons

Photo Gallery

mars cup starting line
mars cup 2 ships
mars cup mars fair
mars cup broadside 2