Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

As Darkness Falls

Untold generations ago, your people built The City to save humanity. Since then, citizens have worked to keep each other safe and to keep the lights going. But nothing lasts forever and the systems are starting to fail. Fear is building. The dark is coming. If the lights go out, survival here will be impossible.

The Dark is Coming

You were selected to represent your Guild and find a solution, to choose between risking the blackout or forging into the unknown. What will you learn and what will you risk As Darkness Falls?

Based on the LARP Black by Nathan Paoletta and inspired by the book City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau and.

Note: Gameplay will be in some darkness with flashlights. Light sources will be provided.

When and Where

This event is held Friday, April 19, 2024 at 7pm in McCoy's Bar at Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center.


Friday-only convention badges are just $20. Event tickets have no cost.


Jamie Lindemann of Nerdhaus Games

Limited Seating

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City of Ember-themed costumes are encouraged but not required. Be creative or just come as you are!

Note: All costumes are subject to our Cosplay Policy.