Four Days of Tabletop Hobby Gaming

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Art Show Contest... both artists, judges, and the volunteers who made it happen!

Our panel of judges had a hard time. But after much deliberation came up with the following winners.

children 1st place

1st Place

Starry Nights

by Lily Robertson

children 2ns place

2nd Place

Hammerhead Butterfly

by Connor Robertson

children 3rd place

3rd Place

Spring Flowers

by Ana Robertson

teen 1st place

1st Place


by Benjamin

Adult Hobbyist's Category

adult hobbyist 1st place

1st Place

Cloud Giant

by Logan Bechtel

adult hobbyist 2nd place

2nd Place

The Climber

by Stone Neal

adult hobbyist 3rd place

3rd Place

Work in Progress

by Cole

Adult Professional's Category

adult pro 1st place

1st Place


by Tom Bumgardner

adult pro 2ns place

2nd Place


by DragonClaw Chainmaille

adult pro 3rd place

3rd Place

Woman in Green Dress

by Dennis